denimove® ultra-flat conveyor  —  so flat, so long and so powerful


It’s simply flat: the denimove® can be positioned directly on any base. Individually adjustable feet compensate for any unevenness. Just plug it in, and your ultra-flat conveyor is ready to use. Even long conveyance sections can be set up or modified in no time. The minimal height of the denimove® also simplifies the conversion of existing systems, making the ultra-flat conveyor as useful for retrofit projects as for first-time installation.

The modular belt does not slide – instead it rolls on roller bearings. As roller friction involves less resistance, less energy is likewise needed – an argument that becomes more convincing all the time. So the denimove® can make do with a small drive, but still manages speeds of up to 30 metres a minute. The engine is integrated in the drive shaft – another reason why the denimove® has such a uniquely flat design and takes up so little space.

denimove® comes in different widths and lengths. Even in a very long version, it remains impressively flat. denimove® is ideally suited to the transport of heavy loads. The ultra-flat conveyor runs without jerks, and can be used to carry personnel as well as goods.


Together with Ferag AG and WRH Marketing AG, Denipro forms part of a powerful network of companies – Walter Reist Holding AG.

Denipro is the main supplier to Ferag, a company producing conveyance and processing systems for the printing industry and a global leader in the field. Since 2008 Denipro has also been supplying companies in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, beverages and packaging industries.

More and more customers are discovering the truth of Denipro’s claim, ‘Conveying with ease’. Denipro’s systems enable them to improve flexibility, boost efficiency and save resources.