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Neva is an essential part in the completion of the total logistic route around bulk goods. Logistics are a vital process where the correct products in the correct quantities must reach the correct destination at the correct time. Neva was developed with this vision in mind. A modular system that is equipped to optimally capitalize on every handling in the logistic chain for bulk goods, from producer to consumer.

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The system can be quickly and easily constructed by one person, the pipes are light and easy to handle. Even bottom unloading with the Neva will cost your employees little physical effort. Using the Indus systems you will create a tidy, well-arranged and clean environment where it is a pleasure to work. This has a positive influence on the productivity of your employees.

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Indus is specialised in improving customers bulk storage and logistics via innovative solutions like the NEVA Big bag storage and logistics system. Customers realise a significant improvement in storage and the logistics of bulk goods with Indus. Indus systems are designed to upgrade the big bag to a solid and stable storage and transport medium, in which the goods remain at a constant level throughout the whole chain. In addition, its robust systems create a safe working environment and ease of use for your employees. Indus makes bulk goods safe to move and to stack securely with a fork-lift truck.